Setting up Folders to Save Your Work

We are going to start out by creating a set of empty folders and subfolders in which you will keep your reproducibility files. We do this first because we will start to keep records about what we do from the minute we download our data. If the folders are already set up, it will make this record-keeping easier.

Depending on your preferences and the technology you are using, you may store your folders locally (on the hard disk of a computer you will be using), on a storage server or course management system maintained by your institution, or on-line [using a platform such as the Open Science Framework (, Dropbox (, or Google Drive (]. In any case, you should choose a place to store these folders that is secure and that you will be able to access easily while you work on this exercise.

Make a new folder with the name Your-Name-RaceAttitudes-Exercise and save it. This will be the main folder in which you store all of your work. Inside this main folder, create the following four folders and one sub-folder.



     Metadata (make this a sub-folder of Original-Data)



Okay, now we are ready to go and get our data!